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"Hai già vinta la causa! cosa sento?" Lyrics and translation (E, G)

The Count's aria (+ recitative)  from Mozart's "Le Nozze di Figaro" is one powerful example of an aria. Not only when it comes to the actual content of its lyrics, but mainly the music. Still one has to listen to the right version, sung by an "appropriate" singer. 

I even dare to say that whether a "Le Nozze di Figaro" performance is good or not depends very much on the conductor. I don't want to say here that conductors are unimportant - I mean, they aren't, just the contrary is the case! What I mean to say is that to me the "power" of "Le Nozze di Figaro" depends not so much on the singers' abilities, but on the conductor's capability to conduct this opera. 
To me the most powerful arias in this opera are "Non più andrai" and the mentioned "Hai già vinta la causa?". Today I want to focus on "Hai già vinta la causa" - respectively I want to link several performances here that I think are powerful and vigorous. Not to forget I will post my favorite version here that is of course sung by Ferruccio Furlanetto ;)

About my favorite version - why is it my favorite version? I've heard the recording studio version by Furlanetto (conductor: Ion Marin), which is wonderful and I've heard the latest version done by Furlanetto. He performed it in Amsterdam on December 25, 2012. The concert was conducted by Mariss Jansons.      
I think Jansons is the perfect conductor for this. I have never ever heard another version before that was as powerful and vigorous as this one. Simply marvelous. Also Furlanetto's voice has so much energy and force, it's unbelievable! This constellation Furlanetto/ Janosons has got this certain something.
When you listen to it you will know what I mean!

Now, here are some links that will lead you to some very good versions of the recitative/ aria (link will opern in a new window):

  • Allen/ Levine, MET 1985
  • Keenlyside/ Muti, Vienna 2001
  • Prey/ Suitner, Dresden 1964
  • Raimondi/ Marriner, London 1985 - I cannot link anything here, since it's not available on YouTube, but still I have the CD and THIS version is just worth mentioning, since it's my 2nd favorite! I can link you another version by Raimondi, which is not as good, but still - it's Raimondi after all ;)




Hai già vinta la causa! Cosa sento!
In qual laccio io cadea? Perfidi! Io voglio...
Di tal modo punirvi... A piacer mio
la sentenza sarà... Ma s'ei pagasse
la vecchia pretendente?
Pagarla! In qual maniera! E poi v'è Antonio,
che a un incognito Figaro ricusa
di dare una nipote in matrimonio.
Coltivando l'orgoglio
di questo mentecatto...
Tutto giova a un raggiro... il colpo è fatto.

Vedrò mentre io sospiro,
felice un servo mio!
E un ben ch'invan desio,
ei posseder dovrà?
Vedrò per man d'amore
unita a un vile oggetto
chi in me destò un affetto
che per me poi non ha?
Ah no, lasciarti in pace,
non vo' questo contento,
tu non nascesti, audace,
per dare a me tormento,
e forse ancor per ridere
di mia infelicità.
Già la speranza sola
delle vendette mie
quest'anima consola,
e giubilar mi fa. 


We've won our case! What do I hear!
I've fallen into a trap!
The traitors!
I'll punish them so! The sentence
Will be at my pleasure ... But supposing
He has paid off the claims of the old woman?
Paid her? How? ... and then there's Antonio
Who'll refuse to give his niece in marriage
To a Figaro, of whom nothing is known.
If I play on the pride
Of that half-wit ...
Everything favours my plan ...
The dice is cast.

Must I see a serf of mine made happy
While I am left to sigh,
And him possess a treasure
Which I desire in vain?
Must I see her,
Who has roused in me a passion
She does not feel for me,
United by the hand of rlove to a base stave?
Ah no, I will not give you
The satisfaction of this contentment!
You were not born, bold fellow,
To cause me torment
And indeed to laugh
At my discomfiture.
Now only the hope
Of taking vengeance
Eases my mind
And make me rejoice. 

Der Prozess schon gewonnen?
Wie? Was hör' ich?
Also war dies ein Fallstrick?
Treulose! - Ich will euch, will euch
Schon streng genug bestrafen. -
Nach meiner Willkür
Wird der Urteilsspruch sein. -
Doch wenn mit Gelde
Man Marcellina abkauft? -
Mit Gelde? Mit was für Gelde?
Auch muss Antonio jetzt dem Landstreicher Figaro
Verweigern, Susanna, seine Nichte,
Zur Frau zu geben.
Ich erwecke den Hochmut
Des alten, eitlen Toren. -
Sicher wird er mir folgen. -
Es muss gelingen!

Ich soll ein Glück entbehren,
Das mir ein Knecht entziehet?
Der Wonne, die mich fliehet,
Soll sich ein Sklav' erfreun?
Das Herz, das ich begehre,
Verschmähet meine Liebe,
Begünstigt niedre Triebe.
Und ich soll ruhig sein?
Nein, nein! nein, nein! nein, nein! nein, nein!
Du sollst dein Spiel verlieren,
Verräterische Rotte!
Ihr sollt nicht triumphieren,
Noch dien' ich euch zum Spotte;
Doch bald wird über Figaro
Der Stab gebrochen sein.
Ich will durch Marcellina
An euch mich zehnfach rächen,
Das wird mir Wonne sein.

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