Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to my new blog:)!


This blog is dedicated to the BEST singer in this world: Agnes Baltsa.
The famous opera singer has simply the best voice that has ever existed. She's totally great and the reason why I started to listen even more to classical music than I did before. Now I'm almost just listening to classical music, to any opera or any other piece she sings.
But I think she's not only got the best voice, she also seems to be terribly nice and funny:) not to forget natural!
I first listened to her ...gosh I don't know when! My parents named me after her and they listened to her quite often! But I guess a real fan I'm since 2 years. Before I just listened to music.
Something else I'd have to thank her for is the fact, I took up singing (classical music) again. After 3 years. Now the idea of becoming an opera singer came up in me again. We'll see;) I've still got 2 years to decide what to do so...(actually just 1 1/2 years)

I'll mainly post pictures and videos of Agnes Baltsa here, but as the "co" says, I'm gonna post things about other classical music too.

So, hope you'll stop by here sometimes in the future to get to know more about the great Agnes Baltsa!



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