Saturday, October 1, 2011

Agnes Baltsa & Peter Alexander

A clip from the Austrian "Peter Alexander Show"(broadcast from 1963 to 1996). Once more she shows how cool and funny she is :)♥

Translation of the conversation:

Peter Alexander: Agnes Baltsa, it was beautiful!

Agnes Baltsa: Thank you!

Peter Alexander: But we all know, ladies and gentlemen, Agnes Baltsa also magnificently sings Greek folk songs and we don't want to miss that!

Agnes Baltsa: Just on one condition! You sing this song with me!

Peter Alexander: I just want to add, that my Greek isn't perfect.

Agnes Baltsa: But you sing English songs too!

[Agnes Baltsa begins singing
Peter Alexander continues singing in "good" Greek :D

Agnes Baltsa: Almost right (;))

[they sing together, Peter Alexander jokes]

Peter Alexander: Oh I know this song!

Agnes Baltsa: I don't think so. The song is about robbers, policemen and soldiers. The robbers hide on the Acropolis and the police are supposed to disperse them.

[Peter Alexander jokes]

Agnes Baltsa: Not quite right, cause the policemen don't have the time.

Peter Alexander: Not the time? But why!?

Agnes Baltsa: They have to dance syrtos in front of the royal family!

Peter Alexander: I like that, we should initiate that here as well!

[Agnes Baltsa starts singing again, shortly after, Peter Alexander joins her, they dance]

Agnes Baltsa: Now this was wonderful! Except the first verse...

Peter Alexander: I'm sorry, but the most important word was there:

Both: Syrtos!!
(btw the song they sing is "Stou Óthona ta hrónia" (When Otto was king)

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