Monday, November 7, 2011

♥Agnes Baltsa♥ singing "Fac ut portem"(Cavatina) from Rossini's version of the "Stabat Mater"

The recording of this wonderful version of Rossini's version of "Stabat Mater" was recorded in september 1981 in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (Italy) and published in 1982.
Agnes Baltsa sang the 2nd soprano and sang the solo in the 7th out of 10 parts of the "Stabat Mater". Conductor was Riccardo Muti.
One of my intentions now is to give you a bit more information about Rossini's "Stabat Mater" in the next posts.
Below the posted video you can find the Latin, English, German and French lyrics. Enjoy!:)

Latin lyrics:

Fac ut portem Christi mortem,
Passionis fac consortem,
Et plagas recolere!
Fac me plagis vulnerari
Cruce hac inebriari.
Ob amorem filii.

English lyrics:

Let me suffer with Christ in His death,
Let me share His torments with Him
and mediate in his wounds!
Let his wounds be inflicted on me
and through this cross, let me be filled
with love for thy Son.

German lyrics:

Dass ich Christi Tod und Leiden,
Marter, Angst und bittres Scheiden
Fühle wie dein Mutterherz!
Alle Wunden, die geschlagen,
Schmach und Kreuz mit ihm zu tragen,
Dass sei fortan mein Gewinn!

French lyrics:

Faites que je porte en moi la mort du Christ,
que je partage ses douleurs
et vénère ses plaies.
Faites que, blessé de ses blessures.
je sois enviré de la Croix
et du Sang de votre Fils.

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