Sunday, November 6, 2011

Agnes Baltsa singing "Perchè tacer degg'io" ->of course the lyrics are posted again here;)->with english TRANSLATION!

From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Ascanio in Alba" (-festa teatrale in due parti/libretto by Giuseppe Parini), a wonderful opera, not very well know actually, but as beautiful as any of Mozart's pieces. And who could sing the character of Ascanio better than Agnes? Nobody:)
Enjoy listening to the best singer in the world:) The lyrics you can find posted below this video.

About the opera I'll post more the next weeks I guess:)

About the recording: recorded in 1976 in the assembly hall of Salzburg University; Salzburger Kammerchor(chorus master: Rupert Huber); Mozarteum-Orchestra Slazburg; Leopold Hager (cembalo)

Perchè tacer degg'io (Ascanio solo):

Perchè tacer degg'io?
Perchè ignoto volermi all'idol mio?
Che dura legge, o Dea!
Mi desti in seno tu le fiamme innocenti:
I giusti affetti solleciti, fomenti:
E a lei vicino
Nel piè lucido corso il mio destino
Improvvisa sospendi.....?
Ah dal mio cor qual sacrifizio attendi....?
Perchè tacer deggio?
Perchè ignoto volermi all'idol mio?
Folle! Che mai vaneggio?
So, che m'ama la Dea:
Mi fido a lei.-Ma, la Ninfa dov'è?
Deh perdonami, o Madre, i dubbi miei.
Tra queste rive chin m'addita il mio bene?
Ah sì, ah sì, cor mio, lo scoprirem ben noi.
Dove in un volto tutti apparir de la virtù vedrai
I più limpidi rai:
Dove congiunte facile maestà, grave dolcezza,
Ingenua sicurezza e celeste pudore:
Ove in due lumi tu vedrai sfolgorar d'un alta mente
Le grazie delicate, e il genio ardente,
Le vedrai la mia Sposa.
A te il diranno i palpiti soavi, i moti tuoi:
Ah sì, cor mio, la scoprirem ben noi.

Wherefore should I keep silence (Ascanio solo):

Wherefore should I keep silence?
Why doth she not wish my beloved to know me?
Thy command is cruel indeed, o goddess!
In my breast a fire thou quickened,
Fanned the flame and stirred up desire,
Now, of a sudden, when at last I near her,
The course of destiny thou dost abruptly rein.
Ah, what sacrifice dost thou expect of me?
Why should I keep silence?
Why not reveal my name to my fair one?
What folly do I speak!
I know full well the goddess acts only out of love for me.
In her I put my trust!
Forgive my doubting heart, o mother.
But stay, where is the nymph?
Which of these brooks doth lead me to my beloved?
Come, my heart, let us find her.
Where in some sweet countenance
Thou seest virtue's brightest rays,
Where gentleness and majesty combine,
Wisdom, confidence and true modesty,
Where from two fair eyes shine forth a noble intellect,
Grace and burning spirit,
There seest thou my bride.
When faster thou dost beat, 'twill be the sign.
Come, my heart, let us find her.

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