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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥AGNES BALTSA♥!!!/"Oui je t'aime André" "Thérèse" lyrics

Today November 19 2011 is a very special day: ♥Agnes Baltsa's♥ 67th birthday! I've already written a letter to her, but now I'll post a birthday poem I just found to "celebrate" her birthday a bit:)

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a hug and kiss, we're ready to send.


I also "celebrated" it with buying the "Agnes Baltsa Opern Recital" LP and a collection of articles about anything about Agnes Baltsa from all over the world. Hehe some articles you may find here in the near future;)
I also made a video for this special day (who would have though?:D). As bg music I didn't choose any "Happy Birthday" song, because I think it's better to choose anything sung by her:) First I wanted to take something from "Idomeneo" when she played the "Idamante" (and Luciano Pavarotti the "Idomeneo"), but then I wanted to upload once more a song from Jules Massenet's "Thérèse". Here's one of Thérèse's solos "Oui, je t'aime André" from the 3rd scene of act 1.
Recorded Feb 10-14 1981 in the "Auditorium del Foro Italico" in Rome. Conducted by Gerd Albrecht.
FRENCH/ENGLISH/GERMAN lyrics you can find below the posted video!

Oui, je t'aime, je t'aime André, je te vénère...
Bonté, douceur, dévouement, c'est bien
toi...Mais pourquoi ce doux nom que
je n'ose redire, le nom de l'exilé...du
fond de ma pensée où dort son souvenir,
pourquoi l'as-tu donc évoqué?...

Armand! Armand...Ce seuil, mes pas éperdus le
franchirent...Et ce château désert est
plein de mes douleurs....C'est là, c'est là que,
me fuyant et fuyant sa patrie, un soir, un soir
d'été plein de trouble et de fièvre,
me parlant de mourir et prêt à disparaître,
Armand me demanda d'emporter
mon amour...Et mon coeur a gardé son
image...Et ce parc nous a vus nous
sourire et pleurer. O maison de l'ivresse,
o maison des fantômes!...C'est là que
je lui dis adieu, c'est là que parmi les
alarmes, avec ses douleurs et ses charmes,
le cher amour revit encore!
O maison du baiser suprême, c'est toi que
j'ai voulu revoir...cette maison...
Et ce parc nous a vus nous sourire et pleurer.
O maison de l'ivresse,
o maison des fantômes!...C'est là, c'est là que
je lui dis adieu ... Ici, le rêve et la
tristesse...Là-bas, la vie et le devoir!


Yes, I love you, André, I revere you....
You are good, gentle, devoted....But why did
you evoke that dear name I dare not utter,
the name of the exile....why did you evoke
it from the depths of my thoughts where
the memory of him sleeps?...

Armand!....My distracted steps cross this
threshold....And this deserted chateau is
full of my griefs....It is there that, flying
from me and from his country, Armand
one evening, a summer evening full of
trouble and fever, speaking to me of dying
and ready to disappear, asked me to
pledge my love....And my heart has
preserved his image....And this park has
seen us smiling and weeping together.
O house of ecstasy, house of ghosts!...
It is there that I bade him farewell, it is there
that amid alarms, precious love,
with its sadness and its charms, still revives!
O house of our last kissesm it is you
that I wished to see again....Here, dreams
and sadness....There life and duty!


Ja, ich liebe dich, André, ich verehre dich...
So gut, so sanft, so selbstlos, das bist du....
Doch warum drängt ein Name sich mir auf die Lippen?
Der Name des Verbannten...der heimlich auf dem
Grunde meiner Seele schlief, warum drängt
er sich so empor?...

Armand!...Die Schwelle, die mein
schwankender Fuß überschreitet...und dies
verlassene Schloss sind die Zeugen
meiner Schmerzen...Hier wars, an
einem Abend, an einem Sommerabend,
wo er mich, wo er aus dem Vaterland fliehen
musste, und wo er voller Zweifel und Fieber
mir vom sterben sprach, und wo du, Armand,
bereit zu scheiden, um meiner treuen
Liebe Vermächtnis mich batest...
Niemals konnte mein Herz sein Bild vergessen...
Dieser Park, der uns lächeln und weinen sah,
der Ort seligen Rausches und düsterer Träume,
der Ort des letzten Lebewohls.
Dort wars, wo inmitten der Trennung,
der Woge der bittersten Tränen,
wir uns geherzt mit dem letzten Kuss.
Teure Stätte des letzten Kusses, mein Herz
dir ewig geweiht. Dieser Park...
Nur hier ist Glück und holdes Schwärmen,
und dort...das Leben...und die Pflicht!

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