Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just some info: Agnes cancelled the "Fledermaus" performance

Just to keep you up-to-date I wanted to tell you the latest news.
Today as always on wednesdays (ok it's already thursday, but just since ~45 mins) I had my violin lesson (playing Beethoven's "Spring Sonata" at the moment btw) and since my violin teacher is from Japan, I asked her if she could keep up-to-date about the "Fledermaus" concert in Tokyo. She's been so extremely nice and asked her sister, who lives in Tokyo, if she could look everything up on the internet, etc..
Well and yesterday her sister called and told about a TV broadcast in which they told, that Agnes Baltsa cancelled, that she won't play the Orlovsky, because of the danger of the nuclear radiation in Japan. The concerts were planned for December 1, 4, 7, 9 and 11.
Agnes, I just say: WISE DECISION. I would have cancelled as well.
As far as I understood my violin teacher, the play would have been broadcast on TV.
How I hope she plays the Orlovsky once more! Here in Vienna would be the best place;))

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