Sunday, July 29, 2012

1 picture, more pictures!

So, after a long posting absence - hej again!
As you can probably guess from the picture, I saw Agnes Baltsa - in "Elektra" btw - 4 wonderful performances, I attended every "Elektra" staging in June. Her voice was clear and great and her acting was scoring off all other performers on stage. Elektra - sung by Linda Watson was praised all over the place, what I can't quite understand that - yes, she is a good singer, I can't deny that, but I would have imagined her MUCH better after what I have heard about her. On the contrary I was almost thrilled by Anne Schwanewilms' performance of Chrysothemis - her strong, but still mellow voice were just perfect for the role! Herbert Lippert as Aegisth was not "my cup of tea" so to say, but Albert Dohmen's Orest was very good.
After the stagings I always went to the stage entrance to see Agnes Baltsa and I always saw her, respectively  got an autograph/ photos of/ with her/ her husband. Photos I'm gonna post one after another, stories probably too.
This picture I took after the last "Elektra" performance on June 28th.

What is not about "Elektra" but still about Baltsa is the fact that I'm gonna write a little work about her in the course of my graduation exams.

My next "fix" opera visits will be in September, when Baltsa can be again heard in "Elektra" (Sept. 20, 23, 26) and in November when Placido Domingo will be performing "Simon Boccanegra" (Nov. 7, 11, 14) here at the State Opera in Vienna. Certainly that won't be my only opera visits, but that are those I know for sure. Btw, in January 2013 Baltsa will be in Vienna again with "L'Italiana in Algeri".

In August I'll see Johann Strauss' "The Bat" at the "Seefestspiele Mörbisch", a renowned open-air festival in Austria. There I'm gonna hear Herbert Lippert again - I hope he'll be a better Eisenstein than Aegisth. There's always hope.

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  1. I am a Lefkadian, the place of her birth, and she was born November 19, 1944, so today is her birthday. I did not know about her until much later, when she became famous and sang in many places, including the Met. I also know that her father was a taxi-driver, and people who loved music, and who doesn't in Lefkada, hired her father who sang all the way to one's destination. Beautiful woman with a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice that captivated millions.