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Picture/ Cirtique/ Concert José Carreras in June/ Some of my favorite singers/ Duett (1992) VIDEOCLIP!

(Ok, as I told in my last post I'm gonna post pictures of my opera-marathon in June - one after another! And I'm very, very sorry that the quality is SO nasty, but if a mobile phone is your "tool" you can't be picky about the quality of pictures you take in theaters, etc - the lights are too "strong" to take really good pictures!)

"Die Fledermaus" - Mörbisch 2012, a short, but fierce critique

As well mentioned in my last post: "Die Fledermaus"(The Bat) staging at the "Seefestspiele Mörbisch" (which happens to be the biggest operetta-event in the world, actually!) . So - I've been there and I'm more than disappointed... I always was a huge fan of the festival and been there every year since 2002, but this year it was just one big disappointment. Most of the singers just weren't appropriate for their roles - best example was the performer of "Rosalinde" - Elisabeth Flechl. I have no doubt that she IS a good singer, but for Rosalinde's part she was totally inappropriate ... To me it seemed like she was just waiting for the show to end - for the first time I watched a slack, pleb-Rosalinde (and I saw many Rosalindes, believe me!). During her singing this wonderful "Csardas" I was just waiting for it to end. Best resolution for this Rosalinde? "The show must go on!" Or just don't sing the part of Rosalinde... 
The role of Eisenstein wasn't cast with Herbert Lippert on the night I was there, though I would have been very curious about hearing him! Instead of him, Jörg Schneider was taking Eisenstein's part - and he did quite a good job! - also he's a very good actor!
Who do we have next on my "hit list"? Ah, yes! The part of Adele! The part was sung by Daniela Fally and I just say - no, no, no - that isn't Adele... She seems to be very good in acting "the funny way" - undoubtedly! But as a singer, she's just not my cup of tea. Though I have to say - during Adele's "laughing aria" I didn't have to put in Ohropax and that's what I give her great credit for (since this aria has this certain point of criticism: does the singer "screech" or not? And SHE definitely DID NOT screech).
So for two more singers I have to write a short review! Next on my list would be the part of Alfred - in this production sung by Taylan Reinhard. He was alright - that's all I've got to say about him! He certainly is a very good singer and as it's usual for Alfred he sang 2-3 lines of some opera aria from time to time (I remember "Nessun Dorma", "E lucevan le stelle" if I'm not mistaken and "Libiamo" - but there were some more excerpts) and it made me snoopy about how he sounded singing opera - I'll watch out for him! There's one thing I have to comment: Who put him into that unprofitable costume he was wearing!? He had to wear some kind of crazy "yeti - outfit" and that looked just horrible! It's among the worst costumes I've ever seen...
Last, but not least the role of Orlovsky (my favorite part of course ;)) - in the cast a Ukrainian singer called Zoryana Kushpler - I have to say "Thank you, Zoryana Kushpler - you made my day!" - her voice is just great for Orlovsky's part and she also made the performance quite funny. When it came to the famous Orlovsky-aria the conductor obviously missed the cue and so both - Schneider and Kushpler - tried to give the conductor (Manfred Mayrhofer) a "hint" that he actually should give the orchestra a cue! It was a rather amusing incident.
About the mise-en-scène in general I'm ought to say it was quite nasty and most of all sloppy done and didn't help the show... 
Summed up: It wasn't worth spending money on tickets this year - if I had stayed home, I wouldn't have missed anything. The only rays of hope were Orlovsky and the very well prepared firework at the end of the performance. It was the last time that Harald Serafin was general administrator of the "Seefestspiele Mörbisch" and I wished he had a better closure with this normally so wonderful festival than this simply failed production - it's sad, but true. 
By next year Dagmar Schellenberger will be general administrator of the "Seefestspiele Mörbisch". As for me - I probably have also "closed" with this festival - it might be the right time, because I want to remember this festival as enchanting, pompous and stunning - and I think it's likely it will go more "downhill" with the festival within the next years to come... but who knows, maybe it gets better? We'll see.

That's a picture I took at the "Klassik am Dom" (Linz) concert in June this year. Thanks José Carreras for a wonderful evening with so wonderful songs! ;) Nevertheless I could start writing another critique -not about him, but about the soprano called Rebeca Olvera - but I don't do it now, I don't want to be even more mean... Just that much: She sang Adele's "laughing aria" and I WOULD HAVE needed Ohropax. 
After this concert I just had one more proof for that José Carreras is and will always be the best tenor♥ 


(CLICK on the pictures to watch a video)

My favorite tenor? - José Carreras (neck and neck with Placido Domingo)

My favorite baritone? - Ruggero Raimondi (by far!!! He's probably got my vote for "best male singer of all time")

My favorite bass? - Ferruccio Furlanetto, absolutely! NO ONE is better than him, he's the greatest singer ever. Whenever I have the chance of seeing him on stage I take the opportunity, even if I have to travel around in Europe:) He is the only singer that I can say about: I LOVE HIM MORE THAN Agnes Baltsa (can you compare a female singer to a male singer?hmmmm don't care)! He also is the nicest opera singer I have ever met, simply a lovely character. No one compares to him ♥

My favorite mezzo-soprano? ARE YOU KIDDING!? Ok, if you don't know it by now I can't help you :D
 But I love ya all so I'll write it down once more: Agnes Baltsa ;))

My favorite soprano? - Silvana Dussmann and probably Marina Poplavskaya as well, but to be honest I'm not so much into sopranos...

My favorite alto? - can't tell... I don't know any right now...

-that's a kind of "schematic" overview over my favorite singers - surely, I could divide in more "groups" like "bass-baritone", etc... and comment on every singer but hej - that's good for now! Give me some time;)

DUETT (1992) the ONLY movie with AGNES BALTSA in its cast

Click HERE to WATCH an excerpt of it, which I uploaded on YouTube. A review on the movie will follow as soon as possible!

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