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"Ah, lo vedi" lyrics (I) + translations (Engl., Germ., Fr.)

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 "Ah, lo vedi" lyrics and translations*" 

Well, I had to think over which video from YouTube I'm gonna post here! One of my favorite performances at the State Opera Gala isn't available on YT anymore, too bad! But still there were some I could choose from. I went for 2 videos I'll post here... I simply couldn't decide between these 2! One of them is from "José Carreras and friends" in 1991 - another time showing that Baltsa and Carreras were the perfect "stage couple" if you know what I mean. I mean the chemistry between on stage - isn't it just amazing? There's nothing better, but both of them together on stage! How I wish they'd sing together again here in Vienna sometime... However, where was I? Ok, so and the other recording is from a staging of "Cavalleria Rusticana" at the Vienna State Opera. Turiddu was played by Luis Lima back then. It must have been either in 1989 or in 1991, since that were the years they performed the opera together. In my opinion Luis Lima is not such an outstanding Turiddu (it was his debut role btw), I mean he isn't bad AT ALL, but I wouldn't call him a "gem among the Turiddus". But the better is Agnes Baltsa at this performance (in general, her "Santuzza" is perfect - just saying) - her "scream" at the end - unmatched! 
What's a great pity is that there's no upload of the Baltsa/ Domingo recording of this magnificent duet! (the CD recording - conductor was Giuseppe Sinopli) Also this recording is a wonderful "treat for the ears"!:)
Let's get to the lyrics anyways!, right? (ähmmm... I know, I'm always "staving off" telling the content of the opera.... but that's me!) 
What I think is sort of cute - Baltsa "leaves out" that one certain phrase in the recording with Luis Lima! Do you notice it?:) During the other recording she mixes up lyrics at some point - recognize it?;) 

*respectively interpretations!!

"Ah, lo vedi" starts at 1:30 

Italian original:

Turiddu (irato):

Ah! lo vedi,
Che hai tu detto...? 


L'hai voluto, e ben ti sta.
Turiddu (Le s'avventa):

Ah! perdio!

Squarciami il petto!
Turiddu (S'avvia)

Santuzza (trattenendolo)

Turiddu, ascolta!


No, no, Turiddu, 
Rimani ancora.
Dunque tu vuoi?


Perché seguirmi,
Perché spiarmi
Sul limitare
Fin della chiesa?


La tua Santuzza
Piange e t'implora;
Come cacciarla
Così tu puoi?


Va, ti ripeto,
Va, non tediarmi,
Pentirsi è vano
Dopo l'offesa!

Santuzza (minacciosa)



Dell'ira tua non mi curo!
(La getta a terra e fugge in chiesa)

Santuzza (nel colmo dell'ira)

A te la mala Pasqua, spergiuro!
(Cade affranta ed angosctaita)

English translation:

Turiddu (angrily) 

Ah, you see?
What you have said...?


You wished it: then so be it

Turiddu (rushing forward)

Ah! by Heaven!


Tear me to pieces!

Turiddu (turning away)


Santuzza (holding him back)

Turiddu, listen!


Go away!


No, no, Turiddu,
Stay with me awhile.
Why do you seek
To fly from me?


Why do you follow me
And spy on me
Without respite
To the very doors of the church?       


Your own Santuzza
Weeps and pleads with you;
How could you
Drive her away like this? 


Go, I say,
Do not plague me;
Vain is your repentance
After what you have done  

Santuzza (threateningly)

Take care!


I don not heed your anger.
(he throws her to the ground and flees into the church)

Santuzza (in a fury)

May your Easter be cursed, you traitor!
(She falls, overcome with anguish)

German translation

Turiddu (zornig)

Nun, da siehst du,
was du getan hast. 


Du hast's gewollt, wohlan, so sei's!

Turiddu (losstürzend)

Ha, bei Gott!


Willst mich töten?

Turiddu (entfernt sich)


Santuzza (ihn zurückhaltend)

Turiddu, so hör mich!




Nein, nein, Turiddu,
du kannst mich nicht treulos verlassen,
kannst nicht verstoßen
mich von dir!     


Wag's nicht zu folgen,
lass deine Klagen!
Gib endlich Raum
ich will in die Kirche!   


Ach, deine Santa,
kannst du sie leiden sehn,
kannst du sie so
grausam verlassen?


Geh, lass dir sagen,
lass deine Klagen!   
Was nützt die Reue
nach der Beschimpfung? 

Santuzza (drohend)

Hüte dich!


Vor deinem Zorn ist mir nicht bange!
(Er wirft sie nieder und eilt zur Kirche)

Santuzza (außer sich vor Zorn)

Auf dich die roten Ostern*, Treuloser!
(sinkt gebrochen nieder)   

*damit ist natürlich soviel gemeint wie "Sei dein Osterfest verflucht" 

French translation

Turiddu** (en colère)

Ah! tu vois,
Qu'as-tu dit?


Tu l'as voulu ... Toi seul as tout fait.

Turiddu (se précipitant vers elle)

Ah! par Dieu!


Frappe-moi, donc!

Turiddu (s'éloignant)


Santuzza (le retenant)

Mais reste! Oh! reste!




Ecoute-moi, Turiddu!
Je n'ai que toi sur terre.
Pourquoi, pourquoi,
Veux-tu m'abandonner?    


Pourquoi me poursuis-tu,
Pourqoi m'épis-tu
Jusqu'aux portes mêmes
De l'église?  


Ta chère Santuzza
Pleure et t'implore;
Comment peux-tu
La chasser ainsi?


Je t'ai dit vas-t-en!
Ne m'embête pas!
Tes regrets sont inutiles,
Après ce que tu as fait.    

Santuzza (tout à coup menacante)

Prend garde!


Eh! que m'importe ta colère!
(Il la jette à terre et s'enfuit dans l'église)

Santuzza (au comble de la colère)

Que Pâques te porte malheur, infâmw!
(Elle retombe, épiosée, angoissée)

**c'est pas "Turiddu" en francais, c'est "Torido" dans le livret    

Enjoy listening!


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