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Upcoming blog posts/ "Il Campanello" excerpt

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UPCOMING blog posts!

 Within the next days I plan on posting:
  • "Duett" - movie recap and review (click HERE for watching an excerpt I uploaded on YT) 
  • "Ah! lo vedi" (duet from "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Mascagni) lyrics (I) + translations (D,E)

 "Il Campanello" (Gaetano Donizetti) excerpt - lyrics (I) + translations (E, D, F)

 After quite some time that I didn't upload videos with Baltsa's singing on YouTube, I uploaded a short excerpt from "Il Campanello" - a comic opera in one act. Recorded in Vienna in 1981, conductor was Gary Bertini and Serafina's Enrico in this recording was Enzo Dara.

It's also called "Il Campanello di Notte" respectively in English "The Night Bell". Its "real" premiere was on June 1 in 1836 at "Teatro Nuovo" in Naples - there were 6 performances months before that date, but after exactly these 6 first performances it was banned from stage. That's why you could call June 1 the "real premiere". The reason for why this play drew large crowds to this small opera house back then at its premiere wasn't the audience's adoration for Donizetti's works, but more the fact that Naples was imperiled by an approaching cholera epidemic, the Neapolitan people were dissatisfied with the political climate and they were simply bored after all - so they "sallied" the opera house. Donizetti himself felt compelled to write more short operas - that's how his opera "Betly, ossia La capanna" (German: "Betly oder die Schweizer Hütte").
A summary of the opera will follow soon.
 The short excerpt  merges into the duet "Non fuggir ... t'arresta"





Ebben? Siete già stanco?

Enrico (in tono caricato):

Orsù, cugina,
Bando agli scherzi: voi mirate adesso
In me l'amante offeso ... Rispondete:
Perchè sposarvi senza il mio consenso?


E voi me lo chiedete?
Perchè Enrico ritrovai l'infido,
Il mostro, l'incostante, il traditore.

Enrico (con molto fuoco):

Sei tu la traditrice!
Sei tu! Sei tu! Sei tu!

Serafina (come spaventata, fa per fuggire):

Addio, signore. 



My, my! Tired so soon?

Enrico (exaggeratedly):

Now, cousin,
Do not mock me. In me you see
The jilted lover - answer me:
Why did you marry without my consent?


You have to ask me?
Because Enrico turned out to be
A faithless monster, a fickle deceiver!

Enrico (vehemently):

You deceived me!
You, you, you, you!

Serafina (fearfully, making to leave):

Good day, sir.



Was denn? Schon müde?

Enrico (mit gespieltem Ernst):

Ach, liebe Cousine,
Verspottet mich nicht. In mir seht Ihr
Den verschmähten Liebhaber. Sagt:
Warum habt Ihr ohne meine Zustimmung geheiratet?


Ihr fragt noch?
Enrico entpuppte sich als
Treuloses Ungeheuer, als Verräter!

Enrico (feurig):

Du hast mich verraten!
Du, Du, Du, Du!

Serafina (ängstlich, will sich entfernen):

Lebt wohl, mein Herr.



Eh bien! Déjà fatigue?

Enrico (sur un ton exagéré):

Je vous en prie, cousine,
Ne vous moquez pas, en moi voyez
L'amoureux trahi ... Réspondez:
Pourquoi vous mariez sans mon consentement?


Vous me demandez?
Parce-qu'en vous j'ai retrouvé l'infidèle,
Le monstre, l'inconstant, le traître.

Enrico (avec fureur):

C'est toi qui m'a trahi!
Toi, toi, toi, toi!

Serafina (comme effrayée, voulant s'enfuir):

Adieu, Monsieur ... 


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