Saturday, October 13, 2012

So I didn't post for over 1 month already!?/ "La Calunnia" + Lyrics (I, E, Ger)

OMG! September was over so fast and I didn't post 1 single time? Oioioi - that shouldn't happen ever again! This September wasn't only hectic because of school and stuff, but also because I was at the opera often! I saw "Elektra" again - 3 times (Baltsa autographs, I got quite some), 3 times "I Vespri Siciliani", 2 times "Boris Godunow", 1 time "Don Carlo", "Le Nozze di Figaro", "Fidelio", "Arabella", "L'Elisir d'Amore"(now I have a picture of me together with Erwin Schrott!<3 He's a very, VERY nice person that has to be said!) and "Die Fledermaus". This Sunday I'm planning on going to see "Don Giovanni", next week "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" and again "Le Nozze di Figaro". So this was quite some "operatic" month, don't you agree?:)

However, instead of explaining the movie "Duett" (what I'm GOING TO do FOR SURE!) today, I'll post "La Calunnia" with lyrics (I, E, Ger). The next time I'll post some "Ferruccio Furlanetto stuff" so to speak - to me he's just the best opera singer ever. His voice is so -how to say?- calming, beautiful and ... no words to describe! No tenor, no baritone, not any other singer can top HIS voice! Last month I saw him in "I Vespri Siciliani"(as Procida) and "Boris Godunow" (as Boris - he played it so amazingly perfect that I cried during the final scene - I cried so hard!). I went to the stage entrance every time and I CAN TELL you that HE is the MOST FRIENDLY "opera-guy" ever! Absolutely. I might go see a recital in Prague in December, but I ain't sure about that. In January he sings "Mustafa" in "L'Italiana in Algeri" and in May there's a recital here. I'm so gonna attend this!

Also my music special subject in music has changed - I'm gonna write about him.

Moving on! "La Calunnia"  (from "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" - Gioachino Rossini) - there are so many marvelous versions sung by Ferruccio Furlanetto. The one I'm posting today is from 2009, recorded at the ROH. This one performance is VERY funny, in my opinion:) Enjoy!

Lyrics  (I, E, Ger)


La calunnia è un venticello,
un'auretta assai gentile
che insensibile, sottile,
leggermente, dolcemente,
incomincia a sussurrar.
Piano piano, terra terra,
sottovoce, sibilando,
va scorrendo, va ronzando;
nelle orecchie della gente
s'introduce destramente,
e le teste ed i cervelli
fa stordire e fa gonfiar.
Dalla bocca fuori uscendo
lo schiamazzo va crescendo,
prende forza
a poco a poco,
vola già di loco in loco;
sembra il tuono, la tempesta
che nel sen della foresta
va fischiando, brontolando
e ti fa d'orror gelar.
Alla fin trabocca e scoppia,
si propaga, si raddoppia
e produce un'esplosione
come un colpo di cannone,
un tremuoto, un temporale,
un tumulto generale,
che fa l'aria rimbombar.
E il meschino calunniato,
avvilito, calpestato,
sotto il pubblico flagello
per gran sorte a crepar.          


Calumny is a little breeze,
a gentle zephyr,
which insensibly, subtly,
lightly and sweetly,
commences to whisper.
Softly softly, here and there,
sottovoce, sibilant,
it goes gliding, it goes rambling.
Into the ears of the people,
it penetrates slyly
and the head and the brains
it stuns and it swells.
From the mouth re-emerging
the noise grows crescendo,
gathers force little by little,
runs its course from place to place,
seems the thunder of the tempest
which from the depths of the forest
comes whistling, muttering,
freezing everyone in horror.
Finally with crack and crash,
it spreads afield, its force redoubled,
and produces an explosion
like the outburst of a cannon,
an earthquake, a whirlwind,
a general uproar,
which makes the air resound.
And the poor slandered wretch,
vilified, trampled down,
sunk beneath the public lash,
by good fortune, falls to death. 


Die Verleumdung, sie ist ein Lüftchen,
Kaum vernehmbar, in dem Entstehen,
Still und leise ist sein Wehen:
Horch, nun fängt es an zu säuseln -
Immer näher, immer näher kommt es her. -
Sachte, sachte! - Nah zur Erde!
Kriechend, schleichend! - Dumpfes Rauschen!
Wie sie horchen, wie sie horchen!
Wie sie lauschen, wie sie lauschen!
Und das zischelnde Geflüster,
Dehnt sich feindlich, dehnt sich feindlich aus und düster,
Und die Klugen und die Tröpfe
Und die tausend hohlen Köpfe
Macht sein Sausen voll und leer! -
Und von Zungen geht's zu Zungen -
Das Gerede schwellt die Lungen -
Das Gemurmel wird Geheule -
Wälzt sich hin mit Hast und Eile;
Und der Lästerzungenspitzen
Zischen drein mit Feuerblitzen,
Und es schwärzt sich Nacht und Schrecken
Schaurig immer mehr und mehr.
Endlich bricht es los das Wetter,
Unter grässlichem Geschmetter!
Durch der Lüfte Regionen
Tobt's wie Brüllen der Kanonen,
Und der Erde Stoss und Zittern
Widerhallt in den Gewittern,
In der Blitze Höllenschlund! -
Und der Arme muss verzagen,
Den Verleumdung hat geschlagen. -
Schuldlos geht er dann, verachtet,
Als ein Ehrenmann zugrund.
Ja, schuldlos geht er dann zugrund,
Geht er zugrund!



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  2. Hello, if you see this I´ll be the happiest person ever, I´m 15 and like you, I admire Baltsa like I can´t admire anybody else. I am from South America and unfortunatelly, I don´t have any access to Agnes Baltsa except for internet and movies. I am glad to meet someone from my generation who likes opera too cause I don´t have anybody to comment about it, and I am a lot more glad to find a person who lives just next to where Baltsa presents. Its a shame people ou generation don´t like this music anymore because I love it! Meeting Agnes Baltsa is my dream! If yo this message and want to reply you can e-mail me to :D By the way, I´m suscribed to your youtube channel, I´m so glad, without your videos there would´nt be anybody who uploaded all those "recent" videos and updated what Baltsa has been up to. You are so lucky of having her autograph!